Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree and a Tutorial

The suspense is over, and my tutorial is finally here! Let's begin,  shall we?

The crafty details:

I begin each one with a 7.75 by 3.5 rectangle for the base, a 3.5 inch square of paper for the top layer, as well as a 3.5 (maybe even cut the teensiest bit smaller) inch square of plastic clamshell. I do have a Gypsy file for the base and top layer, but it really was easier to just cut the clamshell on my little Fiskars guillotine trimmer.
I score the base at 3.5 inches and 4.25 inches, and then with a razor make two little slits between the score marks for the pen.

(I hope you can see the lines in the pictures, I realize it is hard to see on the white.) Oh and before I forget, the pens I purchased at Walmart, and they were in the Christmas section. They are 12 pens for $2, and I am happy with the price, however the jury is still out on the quality. My daughter has somehow managed to destroy two of the pink pens - but that could just be a special talent of hers. For a small gift such as these, they really are sufficient.

Now for the front I use my ATG to adhere the plastic piece (with my vinyl already on it ) to the paper layer and then I need to make it ready to shake. AND I am happy to say I have a thrifyt little tip for you. Now normally you could use double sided foam tape, like the 3M scotch tape I used on this holder.

This tape is available at Lowes in a big roll, and it is about $10 for a roll of 3/4 inch tape. HOWEVER, if you are like me you might have some adhesive sided craft foam sheets lyting around, and it works just as well. All I did was use my ATG gun to stick up the side that didn't have any adhesive on it.

And as an added bonus, instead of seeing white tape from the side, they see a nice color instead. Then I simply add a small amount of Martha Stewart snowflake glitter (sorry I forgot to take a picture), and then I put the top and bottom layers together.

And this is the finished product! I layered the vinyl today, using one of the trees on the Christmas Solution cartridge, again cut rather small at 2 inches (or a smidge less), and then added some bling using my I-rock. I would not have attempted the tree this small with paper because I don't think the cuts would have been as smooth. I actually think this one turned out the nicest, and it might just be my favorite. Here is a side view to show the dimension.

This does wrap up my post-it shakers for now, but I may have something up my sleeve over the next few days - if the weather and my children cooperate!


  1. Thank you so much for the tutorial, Allison! I love this and will definitely try to make a couple over the weekend. I have tons of Post-It's, and this will be another great way to pretty them up.

    And don't worry! There's no doubt in my mind that the D.L.F. and the M.D.I.T will fully cooperate. It's a part of their sweet and angelic nature to always do their best to make Mommy happy! :o) . . .blink, blink. . . LOL

  2. Oh, how cool is this!!! AnneMaflan did a shout out about this post and sooo glad she did!! Gotta try it!

  3. Very neat idea. Thanks for the great tutorial!


  4. Great job on all of the shaker boxes Allison!