Thursday, December 30, 2010

Memory Book

Well, as the new year appproaches, I have been thinking a lot about memories (really more about the thousands of pictures I am behind on printing) and I realized I never shared this memory book that I created as a hostess gift for a retired colleague. One of the stresses of my holiday season is to figure out what to bring to this party, since I hate choosing wine for people, and I already bought coffee last year,  and he has a thing about eating food he hasn't made, you get the idea. Well they just had their first grandchild, and I cannot tell you the joy it brings to my heart to know that there will be a child more spoiled by his grandparents than my children (seriously  - they brought in contractors to re-do their basement for his own area - he is two months old! Love it!!).

Caroline (Caroline's Craftography) had given me this idea by sending me one of LorraineB's videos (Card Creations by Lorraine) and I was hooked after watching the teaser video. She has a whole series of how to create these sweet memory books made with 3 sheets of white paper as a base, and you can see them all by clicking the link here. (As long as you are over there check out the rest of her videos if you have the time, she has the best ideas!) Now, my advice to you is to watch them all before starting (unlike some people I know who thought she would cheat and watch as she made - don't recommend it - oh the words my children probably learned that day). And so now I will shut up and actually post the project!

front - all wrapped up

front side - open

back side open
closeups of front paper

closeups of back paper
The crafty details:

For the front cover I used the candy cut on the Gingerbread Seasonal Cart, and cut it out in red and white paper. I used my Cri-kuts gel pens to draw the title using the font on Nursery Rhymes, and then colored it in with a red marker. The paper is all from the K and Company Secret Santa stack which I loved so much I may have had to go out and get a second stack for just in case. I added some sticker from my stash, but I don't know if I would do that again, because they add to the bulk of the book when you fold it up.

I totally can't wait to try this again, and I have a colleague expecting a baby soon, so I am looking forward to doing it in baby paper. My only complaint is the centers of the white paper started to get worn from the folding and unfolding even before I was done, but it must have been the paper I used. I shall have to ask Lorraine what brand of cardstock she used. Oh, and I didn't really like doing so much cutting with the trimmer to create the squares and trianngles so I created a file that uses George to do it for me! I am willing to share if anyone wants it, just shoot me an email. (....which reminds me my gypsy is not updated, so I better get on that)

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  1. You did a wonderful job on your memory book. So sorry I drove you to utter such words.LOL Thank you for posting a link to my blog so that I can inspire others to give this project a try. Thanks