Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monogram Lunchbox (subtitled yes I am alive)

I guess you know it has been a long time since you blogged that Blogger actually changes while you were gone. Long story short (which we all know is NOT my strength) it was a crazy busy year and something had to give - and that was blogging first and crafting second. And while I have slowly been finding my craft again - seriously my Gypsy skills are so bad I mock myself - I haven't wanted to stress myself about blogging. No promises I can be a regular blogger - but when I have the time I will try. You can catch me in the June Birthday edition of Cricut magazine if you miss me badly enough!

Shameless promotion aside - here was a quick and easy gift "bag" I made for a birthday party my daughter was attending. I used a plain metal lunchbox that unfortunately my ACMoore does not carry anymore, some vinyl and some heat set gems studs.

I used the Monogram font from Wall Decor cut around 4 inches if memory serves and them then embellished the various heat set pretties. Excuse the sad bow tying, but if you are a follower you know that is not a strength. This was the perfect size for the gift which was a paperback book and a gift card, and my daughter was excited to bring it because it was unique. I liked it because it it won't get thrown out and she will get to use it again. If anyone knows of any store that still carries these - let me know - I would love to pick up some more.