Saturday, June 25, 2011

Graduation Card and Pillowbox

I have a quick graduation gift set for you today - I have so many graduation parties this year I may need a second job just to support them all! I absolutely love easel cards and this is a card design I came up with last year - it was the first card design I really loved and it is still my favorite!

The details:
The card size is 4 1/2 inches by 6 inches. To create the easel card I took a strip of 4 1/2 by 12 inch paper and scored it at 3 and 6 inches. This gives you your easel backing.  Then I added a 4 1/2 by 6 inch restangle on top of the scoring (adhered to the bottom part of the easel backing) which means it can then be propped up by the inside (the white 3 by 4 inch rectangle). I guess that is not really very clear without pictures - but I do know there are directions for easel cards out there.

The grad cap is from Locker Talk - cut at  2.5 inches and the pop dotted on the front. I added a brad to tassel to make it look more like a real cap. The 2011 is cut from Elegant Cakes which has some great fonts on it - cut at 1.10 inches and welded together. I embossed the mat with my stars Cuttlebug folder. For the inside I used a MS corner punch and a Studio G stamp.

For the pillowbox I used Wrap It Up and cut it at 7.5 inches which is a good size to fit most gift cards. I did hide the contour of the front - which has a cut out of a diploma - mostly because I am not a fan of the outline shape - I would rather have something dimensional. Which is why I cut the diploma out separately at 1.50 inches but with only the first layer. (I wish somone would tell PC the colors they use in the new handbooks for layers are NOT inspiring.) I also did some "Cricut surgery" and snipped off the bow part of the cut so I could use some pretty twine instead. I used some mini glue dots to attach it to the front and the same Studio G Stamp.

Here are some of the cards I made last year with different school colors to give you an idea of how you can change it up a bit. The main difference is I used Plantin Schoolbook for the font.

Happy Graduation Season!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Magic Kingdom Moments

Yep still being lazy - but since it is my day to post on The BugBytes I thought I better kick my butt in gear!

This is a layout for my Disney album - these are some pictures of my daughter taking in the wildlife outside of the Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom.

The details: 

The paper I used is from DCVW Summer Dreams stack and coordinating cardstock - it just went perfectly with the colors in the pictures. I used the font on Designer's Calendar (with the shadow) cut at 1.5 inches and welded together for my title. That particular font is a hidden treasure on that cartridge   - I always forget it is there and then am so happy when I remember!

To create my "ribbon slide" I used the Tag Feature for the castle on Wrap it Up - and then I welded it to a plain tag that I rotated 180 degrees. Voila! A ribbon slide. The cut is a little more than 5 inches when it is all together. For the layer behind it, I just welded two of the plain tags together. The whole cut was another treasure I found by using my Gypsy to do a search for castles. The ribbon was a clearance find and the journaling tag is from Maya Road.

This was an easy layout to put together once all the welding was done - and I am so pleased with the way it came out. I will try once again to kick my own butt and get posting!

Monday, June 13, 2011

A quick card - that wobbles!

Yes I am still alive - just really lazy lately about posting  - easier to turn off the computer and go to bed than stay up and type! I have even been crafting - just not writing about it! I have also been shopping (my second favorite hobby!) and I finally picked up the Action Wobbles everyone has been raving about. Michelle on the Circle MB was a doll and sent my daughter a project with one - once I saw them in person I knew they had to be mine. (yes I am easily amused) This is a quick card I made for my godson who was having a Scooby Doo party.

And look it wobbles!

The details:

These cuts are from an oldie but goodie Everyday Paper Dolls. The doghouse was cut at 5 inches (I think - way too lazy to go get that Gypsy right now) and I welded it together to make the card. I forgot to flip the image though which resulted in a head smack moment  - fortunately the shape was pretty forgiving. The doghouse has no layers so I cut it again in black and did some hand cutting to make the layers. The dog is cut at around 3 inches with the top layer in kraft paper and the blackout layer in black. I also inked the dog to make his features stand out and added some pink chalk for the cheeks.

Then it was easy peasy to add the action wobble to the back of the dog and the front of the card. And voila -  wobbly puppy! I finished it off with a studio G stamp (ignore the crappy stamping job - just pretend it is not there). I think in the end I was probably more amused than my godson but I am okay with that. I promise to try to be more diligent about posting - and I have some cute baby stuff in store!