Sunday, February 27, 2011

Princess Swing Card

Oh my goodness it has been a whole month! How awful! I really hope this is the last time I go so long without posting on my poor blog. I have been creating some, not a huge amount, but just have not had the time to write the posts. I also have been making cards - so there must be something wrong with me! I am no great cardmaker but these last few have not completely sucked so I will share a few of them with you - hopefully sooner rather than later.

This card is a "swing" card that I was inspired to make after seeing a post by LorraineB at Card Creations by Lorraine. Her post has a link to a great tutorial video that I watched in order to learn how to make the card. It is for a birthday party we will go to next week, and I was able to work my love of shrinky dinks into the card - always a bonus!

The "outside" of the card
A close- up of the shrinky dink Cinderella:

The "inside"

The crafty details:

The card dimensions are 5 1/2 inches by 6 1/2 inches which makes all the cuts rather small. If you follow the links to watch the video she gives you all the right measurements for the scoring and cutting of the card base.  I think the Happy Birthday is the largest cut at 2 inches - the other ones are all between 1.50 and 1.90 on the Gypsy.

Cinderella was drawn and cut at 3.5 inches before she was baked and shrunk. The shoe is also from Disney's Happily Ever After and since I messed up the top layer (shhhh - don't tell) I covered it with glitter and then added the adhesive pearls to make it pretty again.

The crown and the phrase are both from Once Upon A Princess, and I used my I-rock and heat set gems to bling it up a little. The "3" is from Sweet Treats, and I used stickles to make it sparkle. I hope it will be a hit with the little girl - she is a huge Cinderella fan!

I promise not to stay away so long this time!