Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Still Shaking....

Today's post-it holder incorporates vinyl, which in case you haven't figured it out is one of my personal fav crafting mediums. I had this vision in my head of looking out a window and seeing Santa and this is the realization of that.
The crafty details:

This project would not be possible without my Gypsy, and I began by designing a window shape in my 3.5 inch square for the top layer. I just put 4 smaller squares and eyeballed where they belonged. Then after I cut the piece out,  I inked the edges with a Studio G stamp pad,.

The Santa and reindeer are cut very small (I want to say less than an inch and a half but don't know without checking the G file), which is something that vinyl is perfect for, because it is much more forgiving than paper with smaller and intricate cuts. However, I did hide a number of contours on the cut itself so there weren't too many teeny pieces to weed - I am not that patient! I applied the black vinyl directly to the plastic clamshell piece and then added the "window frame" on top. I again backed it with foam tape, added the snowflake glitter and attached it to the body of the holder.

I promise I am working on a pic tutorial to be posted this week and I still have a few more of these up my sleeve if you want to stay tuned! 


  1. I like the feeling of looking outside through a window. Is the pen you added a mini RSVP? Those pens are great to use, last a long time, and have been a fave of mine for years.

    TFS! :o)

  2. Thanks Anne! Nope - the pen is from the Christmas section at Walmart - 12 for $2.