Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vinyl Birthday Wrap

Yes that's right - I used vinyl on wrapping paper! I really like to alter plain bags for birthday presents (and now my daughter seems to expect it every time she attends a party) but this time the gift was too big. So what to do but decorate some plain wrapping paper for the occasion! And it didn't come out perfect but I can totally deal - it was ending up in the trash anyway.

The details: 

This party had a carnival theme so it was a good excuse for me to use my Carousel Lite Cartridge for the first time. Now for some reason it would not link to my Gypsy no matter what I did  so I had to do this the old fashioned way. And after a bit I actually remembered how to use my Expression without my Gypsy! I cut the clown at 11 inches and the letters for the name at 2 inches. His legs look a little wrinkly because once you put that vinyl down on paper - it is stuck there! I layered the letters before I put them on the package and then placed them on to look like the clown was juggling them.

As I said, it didn't come out perfect but I am learning to accept the tiny imperfections. I even had time to make something else for the birthday girl - but that will be my next post!

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  1. How creative! Love the bright colors!