Monday, September 5, 2011

College Survival Kit

Happy Tuesday! Today is actually a sad day for me - as it is back to school for me *sniff*.  But it is also Technique Tuesday over on Paper Craft Weekend Challenge, and Caroline has a great tutorial on embossing. There is also blog candy - so you should definitely check it out! I spent part of my last day of summer vacation *sniff* creating this container to send to my cousin (and former student) who just went off to college. She is at the Ranger School so there is no cell phones, limited internet access, basically stranded in the wilderness! So of course I think a big priority box full of chocolate is just the thing to make her feel better!

The details: 

I found these nice plastic containers at the dollar store a while ago, and I thought they would be great for snacks and stuff - we have my daughter's markers in another one - so they are versatile. I used some dark green vinyl and laid out the design completely on my Gypsy before cutting, that way I could transfer it in one piece. The trees are actually from the Christmas solution cartridge and they are cut at 3.5 inches real dial size. (Without real dial size they are teeny!) The font is from Nursery Rhymes and all the letters are cut at 1 inch. Once the vinyl was cut and weeded, I laid down my painter's tape overlapping a few pieces and placed it on the container! Easy peasy and very quick! Here is what it looks like full of goodies:
And I will admit it - I went a little overboard on candy so there is another gallon freezer bag of goodies to accompany this - but hey - candy has no calories when you are in college right?? Well, still time to cry into my pillow the school year is here - but I will get over it I suppose SIGH. Maybe some chocolate would help...


  1. What a fun project! You are a really good cousin!!

  2. Mmmmmmm did someone say chocolate?!?!?! My address is ...... ha ha ha


  3. I love this project Allison! I also love chocolate!!! Hint hint!

  4. I am sure her roommate was super excited too! Great project!

  5. Great idea! I am sure she is really going to like it. Who doesn't love chocolate in the wilderness? Lol.