Sunday, September 4, 2011

Finally! Recycled Popcorn Boxes

So I decided to get off my lazy behind and finally post how I recycled the popcorn boxes from my parents anniversary - remember them? Here's a picture if you don't:
I made way too many - I think at least 30 so I had a bunch left over - and I sure as heck didn't want to throw them out after I spent so much time on them! And my daughter's baseball picnic was coming up - and I thought what better to use for them to hold all the candy from the pinata I had bought? (The adventure to find a baseball shaped pinata is a whole other story!) With a little ingenuity, some markers, pens,  and some prying off of the scallops I turned them into a baseball themed container!
The details: 

I used the layer feature on my Gypsy to make a bunch of these baseballs with the name of her team on them. On Layer 1 I placed the baseball from Sports Mania and drew it with the Cricut brand markers.Then I hit return to design and NOT unload mat. On layer 2 I put the name of her team using the Stamped font cartridge and drew it with with the Cri-kut brand gel pens. Again, I used return to design and swapped out the holder for my blade housing. On the last layer I had positioned the blackout cut of the baseball and this is when I finally cut out the shape. Then it was time to unload the mat! I was really happy with the way it came out and that I was able to use them twice.

I also used my Sports Mania Cartridge and Printing Press to make some lollipop center pieces. I just cut out an extra bottom layer to sandwich a skewer stick in. For once I didn't even stress that I didn't have buckets in coordinating colors  which was a good thing - because they only cared about the candy!

I have often thought that Sports Mania is sometimes overlooked  - I love the cuts on it! The glove and baseball are my favorites. A closeup:

Hope you enjoyed this post-season baseball moment!


  1. Look at you...reworking a project! You are so creative and your projects are just wonderful!

  2. Great idea. I have unfortunately be guilty of making too many of something only to have it sit on a shelf for six months before I throw it away. I admire your resourcefulness.