Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nemo Tags - Turning a Negative Cut Into a Positive

Today I am going to share with you a quick post about the tags I used on the goody bags for the party. These were pieces that were already cut from creating the invitations, which you can see here. These tags were the window in the invitation that was cut out for the acetate - and being the green person I am (and maybe a little bit cheap) - as I was peeling all those pieces off the mat I really did not want to throw out all that nice paper!

The details: 
So since my tags were already cut out by creating the invitation, all I had to do was gussy them up! I added a picture of Nemo and friends that I printed on a clear adhesive shipping label from Staples and cut out. This really is my favorite way to add text to my crafts - just a quick print and a stick and I am done! I use the large 8 1/2 by 11 size labels so I am not limited to any one size item - if I want to print two big things and one small on the same page I can. 

Then I cut some more of the coral pieces that are on the Best of Pixar cart, did a little hand trimming, ran it through the Xyron and placed it partially over the picture. And I finished off by stamping with a Fiskars stamp, had my daughter sign them, punched a hole and attached it to the pencil bag with some baker's twine. 

I was fortunate to find a Nemo school set at a local dollar store that I used instead of a traditional goody bag. They each had a necklace from this post, a lip gloss and nail polish, and a Finding Nemo watch that I purchased in bulk from this ebay seller. She has a variety of watches with different kids themes available like you can see in this listing and I had a really positive experience purchasing from her - great communication. The girls thought they were terrific and I was proud of myself for my restraint with the goody bag fillers this year. (Yes I do consider that restraint.) 

Saturday I will finish off Nemo week with the Mickey and Me Blog Hop where I am going to share the game I made for the party and some of the decorations! I hope you will join us!


  1. I'll be hopping'. I love the Disney theme. I love that you used a pencil case as a goodie bag. I go over board planning my kids parties, and I try to find other fun ways to have a goodie bag:)

  2. You are so creative with all those goody bags...hmmm wonder if that might be where you got the blog name from?!

  3. Way to be 'green' Allison - cute tags.