Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blogaversary Winner!

So the long wait is over! And I have to say when I used and then looked up the winner my reaction was NO WAY!! That couldn't happen! But it did, and while I thought about picking another winner I didn't think that was very honest, soooo according to (and here is the photographic evidence):
which means the winner of the Teresa Collins Chic & Scary cartridge is....

So while I am suspicious that Carole might turn out to be the owner of the website you all can rest assured it was purely a coincidence! She really is such a faithful comment poster that I think she deserves it! Carole I will get your cart in the mail - and to the rest of you - I thank you again for choosing to follow me - I am so thankful for that! And I am off to give myself a huge kick in the behind to get caught up on my posts!


  1. OMG! I'm on such a roll! Seriously, Allison, I wanted to win this one sooooo badly so I'm super happy! Perhaps I will only comment when you don't give away prizes for a while....I don't want your loyal followers to give up!