Sunday, March 27, 2011

A quick project so you know I am still alive

I haven't forgotten my blog and I haven't even been neglecting my craft room, I just have been too lazy to write up some blog posts. This is a quick project that my daughter and I created last week for a school project. She was assigned the role of snake in the school's word parade so after vetoing my idea of a butt rattle this is what we came up with!

The details:
The visor was just a plain white craft foam visor that I stamped with Versamark ink and heat embossed. The stamp is an animal print one that I picked up on clearance but it worked for looking scaly. The jury is out as to what kind of chemicals I released when heat embossing foam - but hey it worked! We added some large googly eyes and a paper tongue.

The t-shirt has a snake from Paper Doll Dress Up and is cut at 5 inches Real Dial Size. We used Heat Transfer Vinyl, and I didn't take a picture of the back but we did the "rear view" of the snake on the back of the t-shirt (thanks to the hide contour feature). The colors of both the t-shirt and vinyl were not my decision, and I did have help with the ironing as well.

Overall she was very pleased with the outcome (even if she wasn't so thrilled to be a snake in the first place) she had a great time running around and hissing like a snake - the bonus was getting to scare grandma! 
I shall, as always, endeavor to be more on top of things and get posting!


  1. SSSSSSSSssssssssuper job gals!!! Love the visor technique.

  2. OK - a butt rattle sounds cute to me too, but not if I had to wear it I guess.

    I love how the heat embossing made the visor look scaly. Pretty cool!

  3. I just became your 50th follower!

  4. Love this idea though the butt rattle sounded more intriguing and appealing :) TFS

  5. I love that you did this with your DD! Turned out great!!!!

  6. Awesome project. (I like the butt rattle idea too though, LOL)If my boys were still little I'd have to try this out. Very fun.

  7. Thanks so much ladies! Maybe some day I will be able to talk my second girl into the butt rattle!