Monday, January 24, 2011

I made the Chirp!!

First many apologies to my followers  - I have sadly been neglecting my blog as I have been very busy at school in my capacity as a co-curricular advisor. Only a few more weeks and I can give my blog the attention it deserves! I do have some posts scheduled for this week - I am trying to catch up!

I did have a nice little surprise when I discovered last week's "Your Notable Tip" was! The question was a thread about how to apply vinyl, and in case you weren't aware, I heart vinyl! And who knew I could sound so intelligent?? Not me!! It was my tip about using painter's tape if you don't have transfer tape available to you, but you can see the whole tip here. I know many of you are nervous about coming to the vinyl side (bwahahahah) but I will keep working on you!

Another post is coming tomorrow - I promise! In fact, I have been super ambitious and you can count on a full five days of posting (to be followed by another absence......but such is life - anyone who thinks teaching is an 8 to 3 job is welcome to come with me for a week!).

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