Friday, January 28, 2011

Cutest Pillowbox Evah!!

Forgive my channeling Kathy Orta here, but I soo love this next project! Sometimes I impress myself!! I really love pillowboxes, they have totally made my list of favorite things to make and I bought the Wrap It Up cartridge for all the wonderful containers. Unfortunately PC did not cooperate and include a design for a baby pillowpox (hmmph! the nerve!) so I had to create one myself.

The crafty details:

I began with the Poinsetta Pillowbox (row 3, button 7) and hid contour of all the poinsetta leaves in the center. I sized it at 10 inches because I wanted to be sure my onesie would fit. On top of that I added the baby buggy under the tag feature (row 1, button 3), hid countour of the outside line and sized at 4.50 inches.

On Layer 2, I used the same baby buggy tag (outside line still hidden) and added a circle from George sized at 3.80 inches. I grouped them together so they would cut as one. Finally, on Layer 3, I used the regular buggy cut, sized at 3 inches, and did a little cricut surgery (as Kathy would also say), cut off the handle and wheels, and ran it through the cuttlebug in the Swiss Dots folder.

Finally I tied a sheer ribbon in a bow around the white layer, and adhered it to the blue tag layer. The blue layer I adhered to the pillowbox and added some brads to the wheel spokes. On the inside of the pillowbox I cut a layer of thin plastic and adhered it to cover the empty spaces.

All done! This really was less complicated than it sounds - it took less than an hour to assemble and it turned out so nice I know I will be making it again. In fact I may be making sure all the baby gifts I buy can fit into a pillowbox! That's all for this week - please remember if I don't post for a while it doesn't mean I won't be back!


  1. Nice work! It turned out perfectly!

  2. I love these so much I used the idea for Valentines day. Thanks for sharing...I gave you a blog award..come pick it up

  3. oh sooooo cute!!! Love it. Come check out my blog .... I have something for you :o)

    Caroline :o)