Sunday, October 9, 2011

Product Review - Easy Canvas Prints

I was approached a short while ago to see if I was interested in reviewing the product Easy Canvas Prints, in which you take your fabulous photos and upload them onto their website - some magic happens and they turn your photos to canvas  - and you get a gorgeous canvas print in the mail a week or two later!

And then I made the mistake of telling my husband about this, so this set off the great photo debate in our house - which one should we use - I wanted to use an older one - and he insisted it should be a more recent one. In the end I did dress my girls up and we played photo shoot, but then this led to another debate - which one of those photos should I use - you get the point. When we finally reached an agreement on which one, I clicked on the link and followed the steps - which I have to rate their site very highly for ease of use!

Then it was time to wait - and I fully expected to wait about two to three weeks - so imagine my surprise when in way less time than that my package arrived at my door! It was time to make a change on our family photo wall!

Here's a close-up (but really pictures don't do it justice):

I am absolutely in love with the way it came out - and I am more than pleased to highly recommend this product to you. And since you all know how I love a good deal - even if you don't plan to purchase one right now - I would get on their mailing list or like them on Facebook - because since ordering this I have received two emails with these insanely good offers - one was for 3 (!!) canvas prints for 49.99 with free shipping - and if I had known how awesome this one was going to turn out I would have hopped on that deal and considered a huge junk of my Christmas shopping done! I think Grandma and Grandpa need one of these!
It looks like right now their current special is 25% off with free shipping. So if you are looking for a beautiful, unusual high quality gift with your own personal touch ( I know you all have tons of pictures waiting to be used) make sure you check out Easy Canvas Prints!


  1. Beautiful picture of the kiddos! So, do they have megapixel requirements or how did you choose one and know that blown up it would be as clear as this is? Definitely thinking of for Christmas gifts!

  2. I don't know about megapixel requirements but when you go to submit your photo it will tell you what quality it is - poor, fair, or good. I took this picture with my cheapo camera but Pam tweaked it a bit first before I uploaded. Hope that helps!

  3. Adorable - guess who wants to go Christmas shopping? Thanks for the review.