Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's a Cupcake - no, it's a Crayon!

This is a project that I started with my daughter this week to curb the "I don't have anything to do-itis" that children seem to come down with this time of year, and of course like all such projects I ended up putting in more time than I wanted to - but it did keep her occupied for two summer afternoons. It is an idea that I got from a class I attended at the CKC convention - and I knew when I saw it on the idea sheet it was right up her alley PLUS a way to get rid of all those old broken crayons.

But then of course before we gave it away I had to have a little help from my Cricut and the Cupcake Wrappers Lite cartridge.
Front View
Back view
This was a gift for a little girl's birthday party - so I coordinated the paper with the gift bag and card (*warning* sad birthday card ahead - but I only had about 30 minutes notice that I was making it and not my daughter.)
Gift Bag

Sad Birthday Card
The details:

To make the crayon, we dug through the box of broken crayons and separated them by color (which was one afternoon's craft time),  then the next day we peeled off the papers and melted them. I used some cooking spray on the cupcake wrappers and put them in the oven at 350 degrees until they melted together (about 10 minutes). After taking them out of the oven I stirred each one with a toothpick to blend the colors - and then we let them sit for a little while before adding the birthday candle and sprinkles. When they were completely set we popped them out of the tin and replaced the waxy wrapper with a fresh one. For the birthday wrapper, I used Cupcake Wrappers Lite and cut out both layers at 2.25 inches.

For the gift bag and card I used Colorbok holographic paper from Target and the Hannah Montana cartridge. On the gift bag, the guitar is cut at 6 inches and the name at 1.50 inches. I also used the leftover stars from the name to decorate around the guitar. For the card, the guitar was cut at 3 inches and the stamp is from Fiskars.

I highly recommend this as a child occupying activity. It would be nice to give a whole set for a birthday - but I would plan in advance as it does seem to take more time than I had expected. Happy melting!

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  1. Love the crayon idea though they look good enough to eat instead of coloring. Love the bag with guitar cut. TFS